What is Montgomery County Open Data?

This is our public website for access to the administrative and county government services data we provide as part of our duty to the citizens of Montgomery County. Data you find here can be viewed, downloaded in a number of open formats, or accessed live using open APIs for applications.

If you are looking for how we use some of this data, see our GIS Maps and Apps in action, or visit our website for details about Montgomery County Government. We're committed to building this site out and to keeping data open. All we ask in return is that you give us a shout out for attribution: Montgomery County, Texas GIS.

How do I get started?

Use the search bar above to find, use and download our open data in the format of your choice. You can search on any keyword. For example you could try typing Roads, Parcels, or Park to search for data about these items. Once you search for data, you'll see options to view the data, download, or connect to it live, and be off to the races. If you need more guidance, start with this online tutorial that will walk you through using this site.

+Tax Parcels
Tax parcels for Montgomery County Texas, updated twice a year. | More Info

Centerline road file for Montgomery County, updated as needed. | More Info

County wide revised and approved floodplains by FEMA. Approved August 2014. This data set is view only as a web service. | More Info

County wide aerial photography (6 inch resolution) in cached map format. This data set is view only as a web service. | More Info

+Full Data Listing
Not sure what you are looking for? Explore all of our open data. | More Info